Caparol Samtex 7 ELF

Caparol Samtex 7 ELF

Caparol Samtex 7 ELF - Satin matte latex interior paint. Mere info

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Mere info

A waterborne, low odor organic
Diffusion of water vapor
Susceptible to cleaning
Resistant to mild ( not including alcohol ) disinfectants and detergents .
Easy to use
The high degree of white

Synthetic latex according to DIN 55 945

Size of packaging
2.5 l, 5 l , 10 l, 15l ( 15l only base 1 )

White (base 1 )
Transparent ( base 2 and 3) may be used only after staining .

The paint Samtex 7 E.L.F. base 1 can be colored using dyes alone AVA - Amphibolin -und Abtönfarben or CaparolColor (formerly CaparolColor ) . Active Isolated colored material before use to mix with each other in order to avoid possible color differences . When buying min . 300 liters in one shade , on request , can be supplied pre- colored material . Paint Samtex 7 ELF suitable for dyeing machine ColorExpress . Clean , bright colors such as yellow , orange, red , etc. are not always fully opaque . Therefore, when choosing these colors is recommended to prepare the ground color by repainting it close opaque , pastel colors based on white . It may be possible also a need for an additional layer opaque .

Mat ( according to DIN EN 13 300 ) , depending on the angle of observation , the surface may seem satin matt .

Store in a cool place at temperatures above 0 ° C.

Technical Data

Properties according to DIN EN 13 300 :
Depending on the color can slightly change the technical parameters of the paint.

Class resistance to wet scrubbing
class 2

Class 3 at a yield of 7.5 m2 / l , ie about 135 ml/m2

The largest grain size
( granulation) : Small (<100 microns )
1.4 g/cm3


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Caparol Samtex 7 ELF

Caparol Samtex 7 ELF

Caparol Samtex 7 ELF - Satin matte latex interior paint.

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