Caparol Sylitol Fassadenputz 25kg

Caparol Sylitol Fassadenputz 25kg

Caparol  Sylitol Fassadenputz 25kg - Silicate-based ready-for-use textured plaster for facades. Mere info

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Mere info

Field of Application

Ready-to-use, textured plaster based on silicate emulsion for

  • Capatect ETICS System B
  • Capatect-VHF (Cladding) System
  • Uncoated concrete
  • Layers of mortar groups P II + P III to DIN V 18 550/DIN EN 998-1
  • Sound mineral based coatings
  • Not for timber and plastik substrates, organic based coatings  or substrates with efflorescence

Product Properties
  • Binder base: potassium silicate with low organic additives
  • Fire behaviour: German classification "schwerentflammbar" (hardly combustible - of low flammability) B1  as per DIN 4102/ DIN EN 13 501
  • Ballanced filler-aggregate combination with light-fast pigment
  • Highly water vapour permeable.
  • Weatherproof, water-repellent as per DIN 4108
  • Water-thinnable.
  • Ecologically compatible, low odour.
  • Elegant application.
  • does not swell
  • not thermoplastic
  • high degree of whiteness, no yellow staining
  • very low drying tension

Packaging/Package Size
25 kg bucket



Can be tinted  by manufacturer according to colour guides CaparolColorSystem or Caparol 3D System plus. In-can-tinting via ColorExpress system. Further shades with luminosity > 20 on request. Luminosity < 20  is unsuitable for use within ETICS systems. Small quantities can be tinted with CaparolColor or Amphibolin colourants (max. 2-3 % to avoid low consistency).

Shades with luminosity down to 15 (not on ETICS) possible by using Capatect-SI-Fassaden­finish 130 as additional paint coat.

Tinted Sylitol renders for facades (exterior use) may form non-uniform effects after drying, depending on weather conditions. The efficiency of the coating will not be affected by these changes and this cannot be objected. To avoid irregular shading tinted render finishes must be additionally painted with Capatect-SI-Fassadenfinish 130 in the same shade.


Gloss Level


Cool, dry, frost-free and protected from direct sunlight.
Using large containers: Empty containers and silos before a long break (for example winter break)

Diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness on filler Capatect 190
max. 0,24 [ m ] as per DIN EN ISO 7783-2

Coefficient of water absorption
w < 0,15 [ kg/(m2 · h0,5) ] as per DIN EN 1062-3



Product No.


ProductTextureGrain size
[ mm ]
[ kg/m2 ] *
Sylitol-Fassadenputz R20 grooved plaster2.02.5
Sylitol-Fassadenputz R30 grooved plaster3.03.7
Sylitol-Fassadenputz K15 scraped plaster1.52.4
Sylitol-Fassadenputz K20scraped plaster2.03.0
Sylitol-Fassadenputz K30 scraped plaster3.03.7

The exact rate of consumption is best established by trials.

*) without spilling or loss on site; the substrate may affect consumption.



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Caparol Sylitol Fassadenputz 25kg

Caparol  Sylitol Fassadenputz 25kg

Caparol  Sylitol Fassadenputz 25kg - Silicate-based ready-for-use textured plaster for facades.

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