Caparol Sylitol - Minera

Caparol Sylitol - Minera

Caparol  Sylitol - Minera - Silicate-based, quartz-priming and finishing coat for exterior and interior use – as per DIN 18 363, paragraph 2.4.1. Mere info

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Field of Application

Suitable for filling, texture leveling and crack filling coatings, for exterior and interior use. Applicable as priming, intermediate or finishing coat.

Sylitol-Minera is perfectly suitable for adhesion promoting priming coats on smooth and compact substrates or surfaces on which coatings have been etched away by paint stripper. Highly suitable as priming coat before applying silicate-based coatings. Sylitol-Minera can also be used for filling small joints or surface defects and fine cracks in renders/plasters, before the application of Sylitol paints and renders/plasters.

Sylitol-Minera is particularly suitable as fine textured intermediate coating in the interiors before applying a creative glazing/scumbling coat techniques with Sylitol Antik-Lasur. Sylitol-Minera is suitable for protective coatings on AAC wall plates and complies with the requirements of AAC manufacturers.

Product Properties
  • Free of preservatives, solvent-free and unplasticized.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Crack filling, high filling capacity.
  • Allows sorption, permeable to CO2.
  • Highly adherent to mineral substrates due to silicification.
  • Adhesion promoting contact-primer on smooth, compact substrates.
  • Ecologically compatible.
  • German fire classification: "Nichtbrennbar" (non-combustible), A2 as per DIN 4102.
  • Free of fogging-active substances.

Product Base / Vehicle
Potassium silicate (waterglass) with organic additives, according to DIN 18 363, paragraph 2.4.1.

Packaging/Package Size
8 kg and 22 kg



Sylitol-Minera can be tinted to all current colour collections via ColorExpress tinting machine system up to a luminosity of approx. 70. Check tinted product prior to the application to avoid colour deviation. Use always tinted product of the same batch, when applying on continuous surfaces. For AAC coatings the luminosity (reflexion factor) should be above 40.
Brilliant, intensive colour shades may have a lower covering power. It is therefore advisable to apply a first coat in a similar hiding pastel tint, based on white. A second finishing coat might be necessary.

Colour Resistance according to BFS Data Sheet No. 26:
Class: B
Group: 1

Gloss Level


Keep in a cool, dry, and frost-free place. 
Store product only in plastic containers and keep already opened buckets tightly closed. 
Shelf life of the original, tightly closed packaging: approx. 12 months.

Technical Data
Characteristics according to DIN EN 1062:

Maximum particle (grit) size
< 1500 µm, S3

Approx. 1.7 g/cm3

Dry film thickness
200–400 µm, E4

Water permeability (w-value)
(w-value): ≤ 0.1 (0.09) [kg/(m2·h0.5)] (low), W3

Crack bridging classes

Surface coating system:
2 x 400 g/m2 Sylitol-Minera, class: A1 (> 100 µm)

Water vapour permeability (sd-value)
(sd-value): ≤ 0.14 (0.015) m (high), V1 

Tinting may cause variations.

Supplementary Product
  • Sylitol Concentrate 111



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Caparol Sylitol - Minera

Caparol Sylitol - Minera

Caparol  Sylitol - Minera - Silicate-based, quartz-priming and finishing coat for exterior and interior use – as per DIN 18 363, paragraph 2.4.1.

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