CAPAROL Capadecor CapaSilber

CAPAROL Capadecor CapaSilber

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CapaSilber paint in combination with a special primer EffektGrund gives the surfaces a pure natural silver color. It should be used on invoiced surfaces. A variety of tools and techniques of execution / work such as brush, paw, spatula or roller allow you to get an individual and optically very attractive effect.

Required system layout – priming layer, intermediate layer and top layer. Such a layout allows you to get an attractive surface, highly resistant to loads. It can be used on BSO insulation systems.


Natural, very pure silver color

Can be used on BSO systems

Resistant to adverse weather conditions and UV rays

Fast drying

Resistance to wet scrubbing: Class 1


Dispersion of pure acrylic.

Gloss level

Glossy to Satin Gloss depending on the absorbency of the substrate.


Store in a cool place at temp. above 0° C.

The factory sealed packaging can be stored for at least 1 year.


okay. 1,1 g / cm3


< 100 µm, S1

Dry layer thickness

50-100 µm, E2

Diffusion resistance µ (H2O)

0,01 [kg/(m2 · h0. 5)] (low), W3

Equivalent air layer thickness equivalent to SdH2O diffusion

0,64 m (medium), V2

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