Hammers, cutters, chisels

MOTIVE Machinist hammer Motive

Locksmith hammer with fiberglass shaft and forged carbon steel head. The gripping part is covered with rubber, which increases the comfort of work by damping vibrations and preventing the tool from slipping out of the hand.
Comb stencil, a template for mapping difficult, irregular shapes. It has magnets holding on metal planes. Size: 250mm
Universal tool for easy mapping of shapes or angles. Thanks to it, you can transfer to the cut material or properly designate a place for a hole, for example, in a glaze plate. Suitable for demanding precision work with tiles, glass, wood, Gres, glaze and many other materials. It greatly facilitates and speeds up the work of both amateurs and...
Surface spatula

MOTIVE Flexible wallpaper smoother

070 301
Pressure spatula for wallpaper. Especially useful for corners and removing air bubbles from under the wallpaper.
Small knife-due to its size it is handy and we can carry it with us. The knife is useful for cutting thicker materials such as: cardboard, cardboard, carpeting and thin PVC panels. It is also used for cutting or even cutting drywall. The whole skeleton is made of duralumin stainless steel, and the handle is made of plastic with ergonomic rubber inserts. A...
In addition to the traditional blade lock, the Securo knife has a temporary, safe extension that automatically retracts the blade when you are not using the knife. Its body is made of solid aluminum. Designed for Blades with a width of 18 mm
Ergonomically shaped metal housing, covered with soft rubber. Self-locking blade. It has spare blades in the magazine.

MOTIVE Box cutter

070 183
A knife designed for use when opening packages or cutting cardboard and cardboard. It has a spring mechanism - when you release the safety button, the blade automatically retracts. It has three spare trapezoidal blades in its magazine, which makes it even more practical. The handle is ergonomic and rubberized.

MOTIVE Hook blade cutter

070 189
Hook blade knife with hand guard and Blade magazine. Designed for cutting carpeting and papy. Safe and ergonomic handle.
Ergonomic handle for comfort. Secure blade lock with wheel for precise cutting. Broken blade 18 mm. Plastic handle with anti-slip inserts.
5 additional Blades Additional bolt to stiffen the blade in the guide. Aluminum body with stainless steel guide. Soft grip. Self-locking, automatic button. Magazine for five blades hidden in the handle.

MOTIVE Carpet cutter

070 195
A knife designed to cut carpeting. Completely made of resistant to mechanical damage plastic. It has the ability to replace the blade
Knife body made of ABS plastic. Secure multi-position slider with Latch in the handle. Broken blade 18 mm.


070 185
Cutting wheel made of hardened alloy steel. Durable metal handle with oil tank placed in it. The cutter has a spring-loaded oil flow lock. Complete with a liquid refill pipette. Oil or turpentine should be used. Finish: chrome-plated head, non-slip brass knurled handle. Main Handle finish: smooth Weight: 0.080 kg


070 209
Glass cutter equipped with a movable head with six cutting wheels and a classic wooden handle. The head is equipped with two notches that allow you to catch the glass when breaking. The rotating head provides instant toolless replacement of blunted cutting wheels. With a knife, you can cut glass with a thickness of 2 to 8 mm.
Knife with a securely mounted non-replaceable blade, designed for cutting self-adhesive, heat-shrinkable and adhesive film tapes.
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