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CAPAROL DisboADD 948 Farbchips

Intended use Plastic chips or mica chips for sprinkling into floor coatings for individual surface design. Material base Solid-colored color flakes Packaging/Container sizes 1 kg Colour Standard colours: White, Black, Light grey, Dark Grey, Mica Gold and Mica Silver
Property SlideStop Fine (75 - 150 µm): Additive for the products Disbon 405 1K acrylic seal, DisboPUR W 458 2K PU seal transparent and DisboPUR W 459 2K PU seal colored SlideStop Medium (180 - 300 µm): Additive for the product DisboXID 422 2K EP seal SlideStop Rough (250 - 420 µm ): Additive for the products DisboTHAN 446 1K PU sealant and DisboXID 422 2K...
For partial compensation of damaged concrete and screed floors. For leveling uneven surfaces and for rough, porous surfaces. For making grooves. For working on joint flanks and profile parts. Property Good chemical resistance Easy to process Stand firm Mechanically highly resilient Can be processed without additional formwork
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