Decking tools

Pistol grip carpentry has protective rubber pads. Dual-purpose, after unscrewing the screw, you can change the arrangement of the compression head to the spacer (and vice versa). Metal, fast-release trigger. The handle and outer casing are made of durable plastic, while the guide is made of metal. For use in many carpentry and general construction works,...
Universal squeeze for workshop and home work. Extremely durable thanks to a strong metal construction. Ergonomic plastic handle has a positive effect on the comfort of use. It has plastic pads to protect the compressed material from damage.
Motive full-face grip is essential for every professional. Thanks to it, you can immobilize and squeeze the glued elements together. It makes it easy to attach moving parts to each other during their processing. Possibility of inverting jaws and use as a spacer. Advantages: * High compression force, * Lock to change settings, * Easily accessible release...

MOTIVE Staple gun 4-14mm

090 130
Universal stapler for typical decorative work, fabric fastening, insulation films, light interior work, easy to use. It has an adjustable compression spring tension. For Staples 4-14mm.


090 131
Professional upholstery stapler for staples from 4mm to 14mm used for fast binding of textile material with wood or wood-like substrate.
Plastic clamping box for clamping slats at 45 or 90 degrees. Useful for making frames, skirting boards, repair and decoration work. Complete with 300mm saw.
Saw payment for precise cutting along the jars. The ergonomic handle allows for very precise tool handling during Operation. The handle allows you to draw an angle of 45 and 90 degrees.
- pressure box made of high quality ABS plastic - box dimensions 300x140x70mm - cut at 45, 60 and 90 degrees - limiter to rest on the edge of the table - 300 mm saw with 2k handle - teeth sharpened on both sides

MOTIVE TCT Masonry Saw

090 009
Saw (32 tooth) for construction applications, for manual cutting of cellular concrete. Ergonomic handle with rubber. Every second tooth with tungsten carbide.
A set of drills made of HSS 4241 DIN 338 steel coated with titanium nitride reduces the bonding effect of drill materials, hardens, extends the life of the drill and prevents it from slipping.
Set of professional concrete drills with SDS attachment. Drill sizes: 6mm (length 113mm), 8mm (length 113mm), 6mm (length 161mm), 8mm (length 162mm), 10mm (length 162mm).
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