MOTIVE TCT Masonry Saw

090 009
Saw (32 tooth) for construction applications, for manual cutting of cellular concrete. Ergonomic handle with rubber. Every second tooth with tungsten carbide.

MOTIVE Cutting mill for styrofoam

080 202
Made of plastic. For cutting slots in insulating materials under the embedding of caps. Suitable for drills or screwdrivers.
Pistol grip carpentry has protective rubber pads. Dual-purpose, after unscrewing the screw, you can change the arrangement of the compression head to the spacer (and vice versa). Metal, fast-release trigger. The handle and outer casing are made of durable plastic, while the guide is made of metal. For use in many carpentry and general construction works,...
Universal squeeze for workshop and home work. Extremely durable thanks to a strong metal construction. Ergonomic plastic handle has a positive effect on the comfort of use. It has plastic pads to protect the compressed material from damage.
Universal spring clamp for quick fastening, made of durable plastic. It has a strong spring and movable washers that make it easy to clamp on various shapes.
Motive full-face grip is essential for every professional. Thanks to it, you can immobilize and squeeze the glued elements together. It makes it easy to attach moving parts to each other during their processing. Possibility of inverting jaws and use as a spacer. Advantages: * High compression force, * Lock to change settings, * Easily accessible release...

MOTIVE Drywall saw

090 101
Saw for drywall with a blade covered with Teflon. Triple grinded teeth improve cutting quality and reduce breakage. The correct setting of the teeth prevents jamming. Two-composite handle, anti-slip.
A set of drills made of HSS 4241 DIN 338 steel coated with titanium nitride reduces the bonding effect of drill materials, hardens, extends the life of the drill and prevents it from slipping.
Durable disc for all angle grinders designed for fast cutting of structural steel, stainless steel, sheet metal, pipes, profiles. It does not overheat the material, it has good abrasive properties and good service life.
Sectional plate with slots designed for dry cutting. It is used for cutting concrete, concrete brick, curbs, cement tile, marble.
Disc designed for dry or wet cutting of bricks, concrete haberdashery, stone, marble, as well as clinker or ceramics. The corrugated core for Super Turbo discs makes it easy to cut reinforced concrete, hard ceramics and stone.
Surface spatula

MOTIVE Flexible wallpaper smoother

070 301
Pressure spatula for wallpaper. Especially useful for corners and removing air bubbles from under the wallpaper.
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