Application To seal the connection between the Capatect system and other building elements, e.g. windows, balconies, roof cornices, etc. Properties permanently flexible (very good shape memory) adaptable to fugues with large dimensional tolerances does not require pre-treatment of the side surfaces of the fugue does not react with metal, concrete, wood,...
Intended use Plastic profile with integrated fabric strip for a decoupled connection between plaster and on-site laminations. Property Plastic mounting profile Decoupled connection option for on-site laminations Accurate recording in one flight by connector mounting Targeted water management Packaging/Container sizes Cardboard box of 25 pieces Colour...
CAPAROL Capatect-Rolleck
Corners and strips

CAPAROL Capatect-Rolleck

Application For finishing the edges of corners with sharp or flared angles within Capatect systems. Properties 125 x 125 mm fiberglass mesh profile with inner plastic cutter The arms of the angle bar are not connected rigidly, which allows for individual fit in the case of sharp and bifurcated corners Edges can be precisely prepared Prevents the mesh from...
Corners and strips

CAPAROL Capatect Sturzeckwinkel

Description / Material Preformed glass fabric profile for simultaneous use as an inner corner as well as a diagonal reinforcement. Projection: 10cm/20cm/30cm Property Alkali resistant Schiebefest High tensile strength Plasticizer-free Mesh size 4 x 4 mm
Application Cement-free, dispersible putty designed for the Capatect KD System 600 insulation system. It can be used as a renovation tile. Suitable for mounting protective corner profiles. On highly absorbent substrates it can be used as an adhesive.

MOTIVE PU foam gun mini

090 129
Popular model of the gun made of plastic and metal. For application of foams of typical screw containers.

MOTIVE Cutting mill for styrofoam

080 202
Made of plastic. For cutting slots in insulating materials under the embedding of caps. Suitable for drills or screwdrivers.
Wool and Styrofoam knife with 280mm stainless steel blade. Designed for cutting hard wool-blade type "saw" and soft-blade type "wave". Knife holder two-component. The total length of the knife is 415 mm. It has a material holster with the possibility of fixing at the waist.
Wool and Styrofoam knife with 280mm stainless steel blade. Knife designed to cut hard wool "saw" and soft "wave". Knife holder two-component. The total length of the knife is 415 mm.
- Has CE certificate - The body, connector, valve, nozzle are covered with Teflon to prevent foam from sticking to the gun and facilitate cleaning. - Ergonomic two-component handle resistant to solvents. - Tough parts of the gun. - Easy to clean. - Barrel length 230 mm. - Nozzle diameter 2 mm.
Agricultural cord made of polypropylene resistant to UV rays. High resistance to tearing. Size: 0.5 kg (500m + / - 8%)
Masonry rope with a wide application in construction, especially when performing masonry and painting works for drawing straight lines. Tearing force: 210N
Motive measuring tape has rubber, non-slip inserts, and the tape itself is made of fiberglass with non-stretchable properties. The housing is durable and impact resistant. The crank handle is folded flat, so that the entire measuring tape takes up less space. On the entire length of 30m of the tape there is a clear division in the III Class of accuracy,...
Folding wooden measure, White. Durable spring-loaded combination of steel and brass. Multi-layer coating resistant to UV radiation, abrasion and peeling.
Rolled steel measure with a clearly visible print. Magnetic tip mounted on 3 rivets. Ergonomic bimaterial housing. Sliding locking element for controlling the rolling speed. A button on the side of the measuring cup stops the tape in exactly the place desired by the operator. It has a belt clip.
Steel measure in plastic housing with rubber elements. Three rivets fixing the measuring hook. It has an automatic lock function. Steel hook and strap for ARM joint.
High-quality tape coated with nylon to protect the print from abrasion. Tape housing made of a material that prevents slipping from hands and absorbs any impact. Two rivets fixing the measuring hook. Accuracy Class II. Steel hook and strap for ARM joint. Sliding locking element for controlling the rolling speed. Two buttons, on the side of the measuring...
Roll measure covered with nylon in a bimaterial housing and a magnetic tip attached to three rivets. Made in accuracy Class II. It has automatic locking function. Steel hook and strap for ARM joint.

MOTIVE Measuring tape 5m

090 074
Steel measure in durable ABS housing reinforced with metal elements. Three rivets fixing the measuring hook.
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