Surface spatula

Surface spatula

MOTIVE Silicone spreader

070 300
Practical spatula for forming, grouting silicone. Made of plastic, having the property that silicone does not adhere to it permanently. Spatula finished with corners of different angles, allows you to choose the right tip for the work.
Surface spatula

MOTIVE Silicone sealant spreader

070 299
Set of spatulas for profiling flexible fugues. Flexible, with many shapes that easily fit into the required fugue.
Surface spatula

MOTIVE Silicone sealant remover

070 295
A functional tool for quick and easy removal of old silicone or acrylic seals. Made of durable plastic, it precisely removes binders. It works perfectly when removing them from glass, bathtubs and acrylic waders, that is, wherever the use of sharp tools causes scratches on the surface. It has two knives with 6 different angle settings. Flat, profiled...
Surface spatula

MOTIVE Flexible wallpaper smoother

070 301
Pressure spatula for wallpaper. Especially useful for corners and removing air bubbles from under the wallpaper.
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