0.06 mm - 0.3 mm fire-dried fine crystal quartz sand for the production of leveling mortars with Disbon EP resins and for priming with Disboxid 461 EP filler new in the Disboxid parking garage system OS 8.
Application As an additive for DisboPUR 305, the coating hardens faster and can be overcoated. Properties Accelerates curing, shortens the waiting time between layers and is faster to load mechanically. Color Transparent Storage Keep cool, dry and frost-free. In original, closed packaging, shelf life of at least 12 months. Technical features Solid...
Polyurethane adhesives

CAPAROL DisboADD 903 Beschleuniger

Intended use To accelerate the curing and faster rework of Disboxide 460, Disboxide 461, Disboxide 462, DisboFLOOR 475 SL and DisboFLOOR 475 OS, DisboFLOOR 495 AS, DisboFLOOR 498 ESD. Features Accelerates curing, thus ensuring shorter waiting times between individual operations as well as an earlier mechanical load capacity of the surfaces. Material...
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