Butyl sealing tape with a centrally split and overlapping release liner. The fleece allows a good adhesive bond with construction chemical substances. Backing: Polypropylene non-woven Coating: Self-adhesive butyl rubber, permanently elastic and resistant to aging.
Intended use Plastic profile with integrated fabric strip for a decoupled connection between plaster and on-site laminations. Property Plastic mounting profile Decoupled connection option for on-site laminations Accurate recording in one flight by connector mounting Targeted water management Packaging/Container sizes Cardboard box of 25 pieces Colour...
Hook blades with blunt outer edges to protect against injury. They are used for cutting large surfaces from soft materials such as linoleum, carpeting, etc.
Universal squeeze for workshop and home work. Extremely durable thanks to a strong metal construction. Ergonomic plastic handle has a positive effect on the comfort of use. It has plastic pads to protect the compressed material from damage.
Hard to break 30 m long rope. Robust housing made of ABS. it has a translation for a more secure grip. Sealed, sliding flap to prevent chalk from falling off. Equipped with a metal, stainless hook and retractable handle for winding the cord. For tracing simple sections on floors but also easy to use as a masonry pitch. Useful in many masonry and general...
Cord used to draw straight lines during painting and repair work. Metal hook, plastic case.
- Strong ergonomic handle and shockproof bi-material housing - Retractable linear level snaps into the routing string - Super fast scrolling (6:1) with cord locking mechanism - Multifunctional Hook: holds nails and window sills, mountable to drywall - Dirt-free chalk filling system-prevents leaks
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