Concrete spills

Property SlideStop Fine (75 - 150 µm): Additive for the products Disbon 405 1K acrylic seal, DisboPUR W 458 2K PU seal transparent and DisboPUR W 459 2K PU seal colored SlideStop Medium (180 - 300 µm): Additive for the product DisboXID 422 2K EP seal SlideStop Rough (250 - 420 µm ): Additive for the products DisboTHAN 446 1K PU sealant and DisboXID 422 2K...
0.06 mm - 0.3 mm fire-dried fine crystal quartz sand for the production of leveling mortars with Disbon EP resins and for priming with Disboxid 461 EP filler new in the Disboxid parking garage system OS 8.
Application As an additive for DisboPUR 305, the coating hardens faster and can be overcoated. Properties Accelerates curing, shortens the waiting time between layers and is faster to load mechanically. Color Transparent Storage Keep cool, dry and frost-free. In original, closed packaging, shelf life of at least 12 months. Technical features Solid...
Cleaners for tools used in the processing of polyurethane resins, as well as for Capalac Disbocolor 493, Disboxan 452 weather protection and Disboxan 485 facade seal. Can be used for dilution, as far as described in the respective technical information. Property Highly flammable, colorless organic solvent for use as a cleaner and thinner.
For partial compensation of damaged concrete and screed floors. For leveling uneven surfaces and for rough, porous surfaces. For making grooves. For working on joint flanks and profile parts. Property Good chemical resistance Easy to process Stand firm Mechanically highly resilient Can be processed without additional formwork
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