Universal tool for easy mapping of shapes or angles. Thanks to it, you can transfer to the cut material or properly designate a place for a hole, for example, in a glaze plate. Suitable for demanding precision work with tiles, glass, wood, Gres, glaze and many other materials. It greatly facilitates and speeds up the work of both amateurs and...
Comb stencil, a template for mapping difficult, irregular shapes. It has magnets holding on metal planes. Size: 250mm
Motive measuring tape has rubber, non-slip inserts, and the tape itself is made of fiberglass with non-stretchable properties. The housing is durable and impact resistant. The crank handle is folded flat, so that the entire measuring tape takes up less space. On the entire length of 30m of the tape there is a clear division in the III Class of accuracy,...
Measuring tape used for various construction and assembly works. Durable housing with ergonomic handle. Foldable crank, allows fast tape folding. Tape made of fiberglass with a measuring accuracy of II.
Folding wooden measure, White. Durable spring-loaded combination of steel and brass. Multi-layer coating resistant to UV radiation, abrasion and peeling.
Rolled steel measure with a clearly visible print. Magnetic tip mounted on 3 rivets. Ergonomic bimaterial housing. Sliding locking element for controlling the rolling speed. A button on the side of the measuring cup stops the tape in exactly the place desired by the operator. It has a belt clip.
Steel measure in plastic housing with rubber elements. Three rivets fixing the measuring hook. It has an automatic lock function. Steel hook and strap for ARM joint.
High-quality tape coated with nylon to protect the print from abrasion. Tape housing made of a material that prevents slipping from hands and absorbs any impact. Two rivets fixing the measuring hook. Accuracy Class II. Steel hook and strap for ARM joint. Sliding locking element for controlling the rolling speed. Two buttons, on the side of the measuring...
Roll measure covered with nylon in a bimaterial housing and a magnetic tip attached to three rivets. Made in accuracy Class II. It has automatic locking function. Steel hook and strap for ARM joint.

MOTIVE Measuring tape 5m

090 074
Steel measure in durable ABS housing reinforced with metal elements. Three rivets fixing the measuring hook.
Hard to break 30 m long rope. Robust housing made of ABS. it has a translation for a more secure grip. Sealed, sliding flap to prevent chalk from falling off. Equipped with a metal, stainless hook and retractable handle for winding the cord. For tracing simple sections on floors but also easy to use as a masonry pitch. Useful in many masonry and general...
Cord used to draw straight lines during painting and repair work. Metal hook, plastic case.
- Strong ergonomic handle and shockproof bi-material housing - Retractable linear level snaps into the routing string - Super fast scrolling (6:1) with cord locking mechanism - Multifunctional Hook: holds nails and window sills, mountable to drywall - Dirt-free chalk filling system-prevents leaks
Blue Trace chalk for use with trace cord, leaves a trace of the line on the surface to be traced. It is also used to mark the places of drilling holes. Moisture resistant, excellent adhesion and visibility.
The unbreakable waxy construction chalk provides a hard-to-wash and waterproof footprint. Hexagonal shape with a diameter of 19 mm. Chalk length: 110 mm. Round tip with a line thickness of about 2mm. For drawing and marking on almost any substrate such as plastic, glass, rubber, wood, metal, brick or concrete. Widely used in construction but also, for...
High quality oil marker designed for writing after all materials. Intense non-fading varnish. Vented shackle. Thickness 2-4. 5 mm. Aluminum housing.
Durable and indelible marker, with a round tip with a line thickness of about 1.5 mm. Non-toxic ink, xylene-free. Hard plastic housing with a diameter of 18 mm. It has a clip. The cartridge with the cap-off system allows you to leave the marker without a shackle for several days. Widely used at work, at home, as well as at school.
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