CAPAROL Capatect Dehnfugenprofil

CAPAROL Capatect Dehnfugenprofil

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Intended use

For the formation of vertical expansion joints within the Capatect ETICS A and B.

Type E: for flush joints

Type V: for joints in interior corners


Expansion joints can be precisely pre-worked



can be painted over

efficient execution in one operation

suitable for all insulation thicknesses

with pull-off edge for surface coating

can be used variably for joint widths of 5-25 mm

fabric strips 10 cm wide on both sides

Length: 2.50m

Packaging/Container sizes

Carton of 25 pieces à 2.50 m = 62.5 m


Even and dry, protected from moisture.

Capatect Dehnfugenprofil

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