Caparol Cap-elast Phase 1
Caparol Cap-elast Phase 1
Caparol Cap-elast Phase 1
Caparol Cap-elast Phase 1
Caparol Cap-elast Phase 1
Caparol Cap-elast Phase 1

Caparol Cap-elast Phase 1

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Cap-elast Phase 1

Top-class, plasto-elastic coating system for the renovation of cracked render/plaster façades and concrete surfaces. 


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Field of Application

For weather-resistant, crack covering coatings on cracked exterior render and concrete surfaces. Also suitable for the protection of substrates against environmental effects and aggressive airborne pollutants.

Material Properties

Water-dilutable, ecologically compatible, low odour.


CO2 protection: sd CO2 > 50 m

Plasto-elastic, crack bridging, excellent opacity (hiding/covering power).


Alkali-resistant, hence unsaponifiable.

Cap-elast Phase 1: Fibre-reinforced, plasto-elastic compound for applying pigmented intermediate coatings and suitable for embedding of reinforcement fabric.

Cap-elast Phase 2: Silk-matt, white, plasto-elastic finishing coat.

Cap-elast Phase 2-W: Plasto-elastic finishing coat. The paint is provided with a preservative against deterioration in the coating film due to algal and fungal attack.

Cap-elast Riss-Spachtel: Plasto-elastic filler for filling cracks in render and brickwork.

Cap-elast Faserpaste: Fibre-reinforced, plasto-elastic surfacer for leveling uneven substrates 

Packaging/Package Size

Standard Products

Cap-elast Phase 1:     12.5 l



Gloss Level

Cap-elast Phase 2 and Phase 2-W: Silk-matt, G2


Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.

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