CarboSol Fassadenfarbe Compact

CarboSol Fassadenfarbe Compact

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Thanks to the newly developed combination of Silacryl binders and silicone resins, as

well as nano-particles of pigments and fillers, the tendency to staining has been

minimized. Extremely rain-resistant, very covering, highly vapor-permeable facade

paint for load-bearing silicate paints, matt dispersion paints, dispersion plasters and

ETICS systems. CarboSol Compact paint combines the advantages of proven

dispersion paints and classic silicate paints. CarboSol Compact has a mineral

character, does not form a film, is highly vapor-permeable and allows for matt, lime-

like surfaces to be obtained. CarboSol Compact is reinforced with carbon fiber, which

enables smoothing small scratches in plaster at the same time as painting.



Water-dilutable, not harmful to the environment, with a low odor

Resistant to weather conditions

Highly vapor permeable, class 1 "high vapor permeability" according to PN EN 1062

SD <0.03 m.

Water impermeable, class 3 (best) "low water permeability" according to PN EN

1062, part 3: w <0.07 [kg / (m2 h0.5)]

With a beading effect that minimizes soiling on facades

Resistant to aggressive ingredients in the air and rain

Alkali-resistant, does not saponify

Highly permeable to CO2

Does not form a film, microporous

Dries stress-free, not thermoplastic

With the addition of special, photo-catalytically active pigments

Reinforced with carbon fiber

Lightly filling

Smears small scratches in plaster

Covering very well

Easy to use

With a mineral character


Combination of Silacryl emulsions and silicone resins.

Pack size

22 kg / 15 l


Standard white, ColorExpress staining. To avoid possible staining errors, check the

color accuracy before use.

Use one batch of product on large and / or touching surfaces. The product from

different production batches should be mixed with each other before use in order to

avoid possible color differences.

Slight color differences in the case of different production batches should not be

treated as a product defect.

Self-coloring: AmphiSilan-Volltonfarben pigments. Order dark colors dyed at the



Keep in a cool place, protect from frost. Store up to 12 months in a factory sealed


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