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Field of Application

High-grade synthetic resin dispersion/emulsion binder, used for self-preparing exterior and interior paints. Also suitable for priming, upgrading distemper paints, and as an additive for wall paper glue to achieve a sufficient adhesion of dense wallpapers and fabrics, for gloss-coatings, semi-transparent glaze/scumbling coats (thin film translucent coating), artistic paint work, etc.

Upgrading of Distemper Paints:

The wash/wipe resistance of distemper paints can be improved by adding approx. 5 - 10 % of Binder.

Semi-Transparent Glaze/Scumbling Coats:

Dilute 2 parts of Binder with 1 part of tap (potable) water and add ready-made emulsion based colourants, e.g. AVA (AmphiColor®) or CaparolColor, depending on the desired effect.

Bonding of Wallpapers and Fabrics:

The adhesive power and initial adhesion of glues used for dense wallpapers and glass fabrics can be improved by adding up to 20 % Binder.

Material Properties

The field of application for Binder as a universal dispersion/emulsion binder is wide.

The binder is a well proven and very versatile product, especially for use in the associated areas that arise from painting work, e.g. restorative painting.

Packaging/Package Size

1 litre, 12.5 litres


Colourless after drying.

Binder can be tinted with non-fading and alkali resistant coloured pigments or emulsion based colourants, e.g. AVA (AmphiColor ® ) or CaparolColor.

Gloss Level

Satin-finished (satin-gloss/mid sheen) to matte (flat), depending on the degree of dilution.


Keep in a cool, but frost-free place.

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